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Piazza Risorgimento Competition - Bergamo

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An idea of using a space can only arise from a cultural principle that becomes a design hypothesis.
The structure of this portion of the city must arise from a study that simultaneously harmonizes the concept of aggregation, cultural, commercial and road space.
The fundamental principle was certainly to give centrality to the square, but above all to create a new identity for a neighborhood that can only be recognized through a new livable space.
The main reason why it was decided to design a square with an above, a below, an inside and an outside is due firstly to the need to concentrate as many functions as possible in a single space, to satisfy the varied needs of the neighborhood but also of the city.
The intervention area is located at the foot of the upper town at the end of via Borgo Canale and has an area of approximately 4,832 m2.
The compendium includes Piazzale Risorgimento, via Broseta, via Bonomini, via Pezzotta and some private internal spaces.

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