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Stone City Competition - Bolgare

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The project for the new headquarters of "GRANULATI ZANDOBBIO S.P.A.", inserted in a predominantly productive context with a vocation for the marketing of stone products, is an opportunity to complete an area which over the years has undergone some transformations at an exhibition level, but which requires qualitatively valuable architectural completion.
The exhibition area extends for approximately 280.00 m. along the motorway axis with the greatest traffic in Lombardy in the Bolgare area, with clear visibility for those traveling along the Milan - Venice route, while the territory on which the multipurpose building of approximately m2 will be built. 15,000.00, has a motorway frontage of approximately 200.00 m.
The competition is divided into three different design themes:
- the multifunctional building intended partly to house administrative offices with a predominantly representative vocation
- the external area which will host events of various kinds
- the road system and the parking area.

The project involved in the competition was developed following a careful analysis of the characteristics, needs and strengths of the area; the intent is to exploit the favorable position along the motorway, and to enhance the nature of the materials marketed within the site.

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